15 May 2018

Is Your Garden A Zen-Like Retreat Or A Mozzie-Filled Jungle?

Some people are born with a green thumb and love to spend time pottering around the garden, leaving trails of discarded green waste in their creative wake. For some, gardening is simply a useful way to de-stress on the weekend. Others are too busy with indoor activities to notice the state of the jungle outside, let alone cut it down and sort it into green waste skip bins.

Even if the Brisbane council has provided a green bin, you are limited by what (and how much) you can put into these smaller bins. What if you have neglected your garden for a while and the green waste has built up? And if you’ve recently done a landscaping job, who will help to remove the waste?

Whatever approach you have to your own garden, there are many benefits of regular green waste removal.

  • Raise the curb appeal of your home

Take a look around your neighbourhood and you’ll agree that first impressions count. Winter is a perfect time to clear up any dead or decaying plants in your garden, making sure you have a clean slate to start your spring plans.

  • Enjoy a pest-free retreat

Apart from looking messy, leaving the debris lying around could be unhealthy for you and your family. It might be the cause of unwanted infestations of rodents or bugs. Certainly, dodging pests isn’t a good way to relax and unwind in what should be your stress-free zone.

  • Contribute towards the country’s green initiatives

When you make use of a green waste removal service, the waste is sorted from inorganic materials to ensure that it doesn’t overload Australia’s landfill and it can be re-used as mulch or compost.

If you’re still suffering from last year’s spring clean hangover, let us bring over a green skip waste bin so we can remove and transfer the waste for responsible recycling.

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