FAQ's About Speedy Bins and Skip Bin Hire

What is a cubic metre?

A cubic metre(m) is a unit of measure (1m high x 1m wide x 1m length).

Speedy Bins suggests customers refer to a level box trailer in order to visualise what an approximate cubic metre may look like.

How long can I hire the skip bin for?

The general hire period for skip bins is up to seven (7) days. If a customer requires the skip bin for more than seven (7) days, there will be an additional charge. Please contact the Speedy Bins office for our extended hire rates. Note: Where possible pickup dates must be booked in prior to the end of your booking date to help with our speedy service.

How do I pay for the skip bin?

Speedy Bins has a range of options you can pay with if you wish to pay via credit/debit card you can do so by ordering a skip bin through our skip bin ordering system, or over the phone.

If you, however, wish to pay via cash or cheque we can also have those payment methods available for your convenience.

If you wish to pay via Direct bank transfer use the details below and please include the invoice number as the payment reference.

Speedy Bins QLD Pty Ltd
BSB: 034036
A/c: 582976
Reference: Your invoice number

To what level can I fill the skip bin?

Bins may be filled to the top rail and no higher.

As it is illegal to transport overloaded bins, the Speedy Bins drivers cannot accept the bin if the waste inside exceeds the bin capacity or is higher than the top rail.

How much notice is required for booking?

Speedy Bins requires 24 hours notice for booking. Depending on the availability of skip bins, if the customer is in contact before 9 am on the day the skip is required, Speedy Bins may be able to deliver a bin that same day.

Can I put the skip bin on the footpath?

Yes, however, it is important that the bin does not block pedestrian access.

Some Councils, such as the Redcliffe Shire Council, require permits which can be arranged by Speedy Bins upon the customer’s request.

What can’t I place in the skip bin?

Asbestos, tyres, chemicals or any form of hazardous materials or liquids such as paints, thinners, oils etc.