21 Jan 2019



Whether you’re moving house, renovating or just cleaning out your property, hiring a skip is a great solution for the times when there is too much garbage to dispose of traditionally. However, it’s important to keep safe when you’re using a skip. Here are some safety tips to help you do so.


You can dispose of almost anything in a skip bin. However, electronics and electrical equipment pose a fire hazard. This also goes for flammable materials such as solvents, petrol and other chemicals. To prevent fires from getting worse if they do occur, make sure the skip is at least ten metres away from a building with no garbage (especially flammable packing materials and combustibles) around it. When the skip is full, empty it immediately to further lower fire risk.


Hazardous materials and chemicals that shouldn’t be disposed of in a skip bin include oil, batteries, asbestos, petrol, gas bottles and explosives. Hazardous waste must be collected and cleared by professionals at proper facilities. These materials are harmful to the environment, and there are severe consequences for people who are found disposing of them irresponsibly.


The skip bin must be loaded evenly for collection. An uneven load means that the skip could lose balance and tip the truck. This is highly dangerous for the driver, and others on the road.


If your skip is full, you should never try to compact it to fit more in it. Jumping inside to crush the waste down with tools or your feet could result in grievous harm – lacerated skin, getting trapped, broken bones and sprains.


Do not overload your skin bin. The fuller it is, the more challenging it is to transport. During transportation, a heavier weight is another safety risk to other cars on the road as well as to the driver and their vehicle.

While you might feel like a skip is just a bigger bin, it’s more dangerous and shouldn’t be treated like a common household item. There’s a reason why skip bins are hired out, transported and collected by professionals. By respecting this method of disposal, you get to benefit from a safe mass waste removal system. Contact Speedy Bins to hire one for your needs today.